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Water’s Edge

Posted on | March 9, 2014 | No Comments

A couple of days ago I visited our local irrigation reservoir just after sunrise. I had been to a different spot first and when I finished there I saw a bit of color remaining to the north where the reservoir lies, so I headed that way.

I had planned to take a few shots from the road at the face of the dam, but when I arrived I saw some thick chunks of ice at the water’s edge and thought it would be a neat angle for a picture.

Carefully I descended the rocks and setup just above the level of the water to see what I could catch with the camera. Though it was clearing to the west of the scene, there was plenty of cloud cover to the north to reflect the last of the sunrise, as well as a mist of fog covering Little Mountain to the east:

Water's EdgeThankfully, recent snow and rain has added to last year’s leftover. But, as the water level is officially at 35% of capacity – as measured about 24 hours after this picture was taken – 2014 is shaping up to be a short water year in this part of the valley.

It’s the perfect setup for a miracle…


Greg Fabricius Photography

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