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Arriving at the location with plenty of time to spare is ideal. There is time to setup the tripod and attach the shutter cable. Time to fine tune initial exposures and make the final decision on composition.

And time to wait.

Sunrise on day 3 among the Tetons was such a time. I arrived, setup, tuned exposures and decided on composition, then I waited.

Passing the time this way, I found another shot to make that I had not planned for. It was as simple as rotating the head of the tripod and activating the shutter to capture a scene that epitomizes waiting.

A house and sheds, often visited, but vacant for decades. Trees recently barren from the change of seasons. Mountain peaks and clouds anticipating the light of sunrise. And not pictured are a photographer or two, thankful for gloves and hoods against the cold, also waiting.

The J. A. Moulton home, Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park:

Greg Fabricius Photography

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