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The Madness Underneath

Posted on | September 17, 2015 | No Comments

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In preparation for cooler forecasted temperatures, we finished covering the garden just as the color of sunset began to appear. The rumble of thunder in the distance was too much to resist so I grabbed my camera and went out to make some pictures.

Once again I was skunked by the storm – no lightning made it over the West Hills – but watching the sunset from a spot just west of town resulted in some interesting pictures of the texture in the clouds.

As I shot the scene a huge break above the horizon let the light shine through, washing over Gunsight and the surrounding peaks while coloring the bottom of the clouds as the sun sank low in the sky:

SunsetAs the clouds ebbed and swirled into beautiful formations above it wasn’t long before the rain arrived causing me to seek shelter with a memory of the scene secured.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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