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Touch of Orange

Posted on | October 16, 2014 | No Comments

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I try to make a picture of the Logan Temple during September each year. I like the position of the sunrise relative to the Temple during mid to late September, and after some cold nights who knows how long the flowers will last. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet my target date this year.

As I was driving across the valley this morning I could see the clouds starting to catch the sunrise color and with no other location in mind I decided today was the day for the Temple picture. If I arrived in time I could make a picture before the color had faded so I adjusted my route for the quickest possible travel time and hoped for the best.

Even though the sunrise had progressed further than I’d hoped, a touch of orange remained on the clouds as I setup for the shot. Here’s the result on this particular mid-October morning:

Touch of OrangeClick on the image for a larger version, and enjoy!

Greg Fabricius Photography

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