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Northern Utah had a brush with a major winter storm yesterday. Areas to the south of us logged record snowfall totals for December out of this storm, but for the most part it missed us. The higher mountains that ring the valley did pick up some accumulation, but the valley floor snuck through relatively unscathed – as did the drainage that would fill my home town’s irrigation reservoir in the spring. Better luck next time, I guess.

As the storm moved off to the east late Tuesday evening the cold air settled in. Without the insulation the clouds provide the air was quite brisk this morning. With just a wisp of lingering clouds here and there above the freshly scrubbed air, sunrise was a beautiful time of day.

I’ve been experimenting with a particular picture finishing technique on portrait work lately and I have wanted to try this process on a landscape scene. Although it was a frequently photographed scene during November, I resorted to the sportsman’s access on Valley View for this morning’s shooting location. From that vantage I could capture the brightly lit peaks of the Wellsville Range, below some wispy left over clouds, while the grassy flat of the valley floor had not yet felt the rays of the sun.

Using the technique I have been practicing on other subjects I was able to even out the lighting across the entire scene quite nicely:

Day After the StormI’m excited to have another tool in the bag of tricks, and plan to continue refining it further but it will take some time to get used to the colder weather that is forecast for at least the near future. But what else would we expect from a Northern Utah winter?

Greg Fabricius Photography

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