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The Herd

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I haven’t been up on the divide for quite awhile, but tonight I chose that location for some sunset shooting. I was rewarded with a HERD of deer to photograph.

It must have been an easy winter, or maybe it was just a convention and they will disperse over time, but I would guess there were at least 30 head in one group with another smaller group less than a mile away. Quite often there are multiple twin births from this herd, and that may be the case again this year, but it was hard to tie fawns to mothers in such a large group.

Even though I was able to get reasonably close without creating a stampede, a longer lens would have helped produce true “keeper” shots.  I did make some nice pictures regardless. Here is a shot of a doe and fawn from tonight’s drive on the Long Divide:

Doe and Fawn

I continued around the hill to the cattle chute just across the Box Elder Line to see the sunset, then on my way back the herd had begun to cross the road as they made their way to the river for the night. These two were looking back as others crossed the road in front of me:


The summer and fall months may see me on the divide often if the deer population remains this high. Maybe I will have to make like a tree in order to get some closer shots, or break down and add a longer lens to my arsenal.

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Greg Fabricius Photography

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