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Our station caught a job in the early morning hours to respond with other fire fighter’s from NW Cache County to a structure fire. Any fire in a home is a devastating event, but thankfully the flames were extinguished quickly this morning, minimizing the effects as much as possible. Our concern is for the family and a speedy recovery.

After returning I’m wide awake now with little chance of sleep before the alarm clock tells me it is time to prepare for the school bus and go on from there. It’s as good a time as any to see what I captured with the snap of the shutter.

I have settled on one particular shot to share:

EngineerThis is “A”. This morning he was the ADO (Engineer) of the first due engine, delivering  water where it needed to be when it needed to be there. As well as using it to extinguish the fire, the water in the hose is a source of safety for the fire fighters as they close in on the flames. Managing that flow is an important duty.

Overhaul was underway by the time I passed his location, and he had a moment to greet me as he watched from the deck, awaiting the next request from the interior crews. During our brief visit I helped myself to this impromptu portrait.

It was a mild morning as far as temperatures go, and we had a few flakes of snow off and on. This was taken in one of those “on” moments. The red glow from the emergency lights and the super bright scene light also helped create the feeling I was looking for.

I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to work with the men and women of the fire departments in Cache County. Hopefully we don’t meet at fires often, but when we do we work together to help in a time of need. I’m also grateful that I can share bits and pieces of the work we do, via pictures.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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