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The Divide

Posted on | July 22, 2013 | 1 Comment

The long shadows cast by the trees in our yard was the signal I was looking for. Confirmed by a drop in the temperature, it was time to head out to make some pictures. I’ve been itching to shoot a Cache Valley sunset over the safflower fields that have begun to bloom so I headed towards the yellow and green blanketed fields along The Divide, west of town.

Near the last curve that leads to the county line I ran across some deer that were also enjoying the evening shade. If you are familiar with safflower you will understand it is unlikely fodder, but these deer were slowly making their way towards the river while sampling the plants – regardless of the thorny leaves and buds:

DSC_0895When the deer were tired of posing they moved off to the east and I headed north again as the clouds began to glow with color. I stopped at the edge of another field and made this picture looking towards Little Mountain and the Bear River Range in the distance:

DSC_0914I had forgotten to see what time the moon would rise tonight, but as it turned out I was setup in a pretty good spot to add it to the scene I was shooting. I was some distance away from my gear and a longer lens so I continued shooting with the 35mm prime lens attached to my camera:

DSC_0927Another beautiful end to a summer day was made all the more enjoyable by spending it in one of the most rural and peaceful spots Cache Valley has to offer.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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