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Posted on | March 17, 2014 | No Comments

When it comes to wildlife photography, I scare off my intended subjects with uncanny regularity. I feel like a bogeyman, striking fear into the hearts of critters every time I try to capture one of them with my camera.

Today I left the office for a short walk and on my route from A to B I passed a tree full of birds. I was shocked when they didn’t fly away in terror as I was well inside the comfort zone of most wild things that I encounter.

Later in the day I stopped at this spot again and they were just as brave as before, even with my camera pointed their way. On top of that, they held their poses long enough that I could capture proof of this anomaly:

WaxwingTo a point, that is.

After several clicks of the shutter I began to feel like I was interrupting. And then the staring began.

"Are you done yet, I’m trying to eat…"

Cedar WaxwingI quickly caught the hint and left them alone. When I arrived home I went to work on identification and I have come up with Cedar Waxwing as the species – my new favorite bird!


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