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Temple in Miniature

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Over the last month I have revisited one particular image several times – a shot of the Logan Temple that I took in early November of 2011. There is a hint of autumn showing in the trees and the sunrise is just starting to paint the Wellsville’s with a rose colored hue. Today I have decided to use it for another “Blast from the Past” post, with a twist.

After looking at the picture today I decided I would try to create a miniature scene. I don’t have the hardware that is used to create such pictures in the camera, therefore I had to get here with post processing techniques. The picture had some miniature elements already built in, such as the flag at the corner of the Temple as well as the nearby buildings, but software and processing techniques were necessary to achieve the effect I wanted.

Clicking on the image will open it full size in a new window and will enhance the viewing experience:

templeminiAnother area to inspect at full size is the Wells Fargo sign to the left of the Temple. The sign was still lit when the picture was made that morning and just like the flag it adds to the miniaturization effect I wanted.

It’s a Small World, After All!

Greg Fabricius Photography

3/21/2013: I had a request to use this picture as a Facebook cover photo. To aid others who may want to use the picture on their Facebook profile I created two versions this morning, sized appropriately:


Wide Angle:

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