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Disclaimer: I’m relying solely on internet research for the background of this post. If I have misidentified the subject or referenced incorrect data, my apologies.

Sixty years ago, production of the McCormick Super C was winding down. Three years ago, I spotted a particular Super C in Amalga on a cold November morning and I stopped to make some pictures. Today I had a reason to look for old tractor pictures and upon finding the right folder in the archives I finished these shots to share.

In my research to confirm the identify of the subject tractor I located some historical data that may be of interest. According to the source of the information there were 98,310 of this model produced between 1951 to 1954 at a cost of $1,700.00 each. Actual horsepower from testing: 20.72 at the drawbar and 23.67 at the belt, with a maximum pull weight of 3,151 pounds. To illustrate the advancement of technology in row crop tractors, a currently produced mid-range model from a popular manufacturer offers 189 PTO horsepower and a drawbar capacity of 10,000 pounds.

While I was working with these pictures I was reminded of the nearly new tractor arriving at the next field that morning, to turn the soil one more time before letting it rest to be planted in the spring. It was quite the contrast, for sure. Things have changed a lot over those 60 years, for the better, and though it’s impractical to expect any old tractor to carry the load of modern farming it was good to see a piece of history is still in use:


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