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Sunset Over the Fields

Posted on | July 16, 2015 | No Comments

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I’ve been working on a photo assignment over the last few weeks, shooting pictures of the summer work in the fields around town.

While working outside tonight I had been watching the sky and the clouds were breaking up at just the right time. With second crop hay coming down here and there I went out to see if I could add to the project photos. 

Sometimes things work out just right and the pictures are better than I could have hoped for. Thanks to the gorgeous sunset colors and some texture in the clouds, tonight was one of those times. 

My contribution was minimal.

Except for positioning my tripod and pushing the shutter release, all credit goes to the Creator for another beautiful Cache Valley sunset.

A safflower field in bloom north of town, looking towards Gunsight:

Safflower Sunset A tractor and disc at rest just a little farther up the road:

Tractor and DiscWhat a blessing it was to watch such a beautiful ending of the day!

Greg Fabricius Photography

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