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Summer Work

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I’ve been a bit under the weather since the New Year arrived and I’ve been holed up because of it. And that means no trips into the cold out of doors with the camera can be afforded.

Thank goodness for my computer archives chuck full of old shots!

Recently I was visiting with a long-time friend and we talked about days gone by. In those days there was a dairy herd of some size on almost every block in town. The opportunities for summer work as a youth were plentiful in a variety of job descriptions such as milking cows or moving irrigation pipe in the fields – and everything in between.

We spoke of how things have changed in our community over the years. For example, many of the milking barns in town are idle. Even with that change the rich agricultural history of our community is still evident, just more so in the fields than in milking parlors.

Similar to all of Cache Valley’s rural agriculture communities there are a few open lots in our town where hay and other crops are raised in between the houses. As I grew up in this environment I enjoyed watching our neighbor work his small fields next door with his older machinery.

Tonight I ran across a couple of pictures from several years ago, shots of our next door neighbor employing one of his old tractors for his summer work, a McCormick “M” pulling a rake through recently mown hay. Here’s one of those pictures:

Summer WorkIt’s sad to realize how long it’s been since this tractor made the rounds in the field next door. Time and the world and change go on. Or do they?

Yes, things we were familiar with seem to feel “new” again after some time has passed. But before we realize it the calendar pages will turn and the machinery will return to the fields in the spring, leading up to another summer’s work.

It just looks different than it used to in the field next door, that’s all…

Greg Fabricius Photography

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