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Still Life

Posted on | February 5, 2013 | 1 Comment

Tonight I avoided the network prime time offerings by tuning to a locally originated cable/satellite station’s replay of Winged Migration, which is a pretty neat documentary of the migration patterns of the earth’s fowl – from summer range to winter range and back again. Of course I had grand imaginations of how fun it would be to photograph birds such as these, myself.

There are minimal commercial breaks on this station so programs such as this end 20 minutes or so before the next hour and filler material is used to complete the schedule. The selection that was used to fill the gap in programming was a short film from a show called Best of Fest, “The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen”. The title of this short was Seibutsu (Still: Life). A photography themed film, go figure…

In summary it’s a film about a boy who has some questions about life and relationships. He happens to work in a photo lab and falls in love with the picture of a girl. Here’s a link to a additional details about the film. I enjoyed it, very much. I’d like to share the closing lines of the film:

“I was wrong. There are no happy endings in life, only happy moments, and I suppose you can count yourself lucky if the shutter happens to close on one of those moments.”

Profound. At least I thought so.

Here’s to hoping that our shutters close on many happy moments in the future….

Greg Fabricius Photography

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