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Starting the Day

Posted on | March 15, 2012 | No Comments

For most of this week my sidebar forecast gadget has indicated a chance of rain every day. Enough of a chance that the icon has been a cloud with drops suspended below, but measurable rain has not materialized anywhere I have been regardless of the warnings.

Shortly after the alarm clock told me it was time to get moving this morning I saw the waning moon and a clear sky via a window. While feeding the cows, further inspection of the sky verified the likelihood of precipitation was non-existent, for now. It was going to be another beautiful morning in Cache Valley.

I left home not sure of what my morning photo shoot subject would be. I made it to the center of the valley and I was still undecided, so I pulled into the sportsman’s access to the backwaters of Cutler Reservoir on Valley View to see what pictures I could make. I was glad I stopped there. The water was so calm that it looked like glass; it was a peaceful spot to soak in some nature before starting the work of the day.


The few clouds in the sky were taking on the color of the sunrise and I had plenty of time to set up for the light that was about to paint the Wellsville’s:


I think this is my favorite spot to photograph the Wellsville’s from. The reflection of the mountains in the water and the openness of this part of the valley make a nice picture.

As I was packing up to leave, the waterfowl that were roosting in the cattails in various spots near my location were ready to greet the day. The loud honking of the geese as they prepared for lift off in search of breakfast could be heard all around. I was able to make a quick lens change before the closest pair took to flight, but I was not quite fast enough to adjust the settings on the camera changed for a tack sharp image:


I snapped a few more pictures, and then headed into Logan to tackle the rest of the day. It has been a great day and I will chalk it up to the beautiful, peaceful start to the day.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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