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South of Town

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For a landscape photographer, clouds can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Too many and the sunrise or sunset light can’t get through. Too few clouds and there is nothing to catch the color and make a beautiful scene even better.

On a recent commute across the valley I watched the clouds in the west slowly ebb and flow as I made my way. I wasn’t expecting widespread color to appear through so many clouds, and it turned out about as I had guessed. However, when the setting sun found a break in the clouds to let some light through and the belly of the clouds turned a pretty salmon pink, it was time for a picture.

My usual route home is not photographer friendly. There are very few safe and sane spots to park along the narrow road edge and the traffic is consistent enough that stopping in the travel lane is not a good idea. As luck would have it, when the color appeared I was close to home and in a spot where I could safely stop.

While this shot lacks the foreground element that makes a landscape picture compelling, the bluish-grey clouds trying to suppress a touch of color made the end of my commute enjoyable:

South of TownClick on the image for a larger version.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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