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I’ve wanted to make a picture of a particular tree for quite some time, but I’ve never been in the area with the sky was just right. Even though tonight’s sunset wasn’t stellar I turned off the pavement anyway, to see what I could make.

Hoping to setup the shot with the tree as a silhouette against the sunset sky, it wasn’t long before I realized where I needed to be was way too far down a thawed out, muddy road. I retreated to a spot I could get out of before trying to shoot the scene. I’ll have to try this again on a dryer day, for sure.

There’s something mysterious about a solitary tree. Standing alone near a fence that separates two fields, my attention is drawn to this one every time I pass by and naturally I wonder why this tree remains. Whatever the reason, I find it interesting in every season:

SolitaryClick on the image for a larger version.

Greg Fabricius Photography

Click on the image for a larger version.

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