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Smokestack at Sunrise

Posted on | March 8, 2013 | 1 Comment

What to do when the morning and evening skies are gray and not conducive to landscape photography?

Go through old pictures!

I do that occasionally, as you’ll recall from previous posts that show comparisons to the same day 365 or so days apart. Today I chose this picture as my “blast from the past” entry:


This picture was made on March 2, 2011, during my morning drive to the big city via a stop that took me across the north end of the valley.

I’ve seen this smokestack so often, but after shooting and processing this image it got me to thinking and I decided to dig a bit deeper. In the research that followed I discovered that I didn’t know my valley history as well as I thought I did. So I wrote an article about my experience and the Herald Journal published it in their citizen journalism section. Here’s a link to the article’s online presence: “Day’s Gone By”.

As I looked through my archives and saw this picture again I was grateful that this shot was more than just a picture – it was also a vehicle back to another era of life in Cache Valley. Photography is not just catching and holding on to something you see, it is also a means to discovery. Or in my case, correcting a misconception.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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