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Just a few days after a winter storm crossed our valley the crabapple tree in the backyard is in full bloom. It’s the usual combination of seasons for Cache Valley with leaves and blooms popping out all over and a dash of snow for good measure.

We have some flowering trees in the backyard, and last year there were very few flowers on the crabapple tree – an off year apparently. This year it’s the opposite and every branch is loaded with blossoms just like these:

BlossomsAnd thanks to a host of pollinating pros buzzing back and forth this afternoon there is a very good chance many of these blossoms will bear fruit:


Bee, Again

Two BeesI’m still testing out that new lens and once again the depth of field is spectacular, as is the increased magnification. I’m quite pleased so far.

We’re anxiously awaiting delivery of our very own package of honey bees. The boxes are painted and placed and the bees will be tucked away in their new home as soon as they arrive.

Hopefully our hive will get a good start when the blooms appear on the second apple tree and raspberry bushes, if they can hold of showing their signs of spring for a little while longer…

Greg Fabricius Photography

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