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As I drive back and forth across the valley I see many things that I’d like to take a picture of, but the narrow roads through our rural towns don’t offer much space to pull to the side and safely snap the shutter.

One of these photo ops in waiting: A repurposed piece of machinery at a particular spot that I pass almost daily. With plenty of room to safely park here, there is no good reason I haven’t taken the time to make the picture. On the way home from the big city yesterday I finally talked myself into a couple of minutes delay:

BicycleFirst off, I wondered about the bike and what happened to cause this change in use. I’ve decided the “why” doesn’t matter all that much. If other travelers enjoy seeing it as much as I do, positioned aside the fence with its baskets used as planters, it’s doing a fine job in its new line of work, I think.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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