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I left the house quite late tonight and if there was any color other than blue in the sky, it was very faint by the time I had reached my shooting destination.

I didn’t mind, I like blue.

And I enjoy sitting at the water’s edge when it’s so still that the trees on the far bank reflect on the glass-like surface. 

A picture made under these circumstances requires time: Time to perfect the focus; time to frame the scene; a lot of time with the shutter open to properly expose with the available light. To make sure I captured the scene the way I wanted, the process was repeated several times.

Although I didn’t see them until I was finishing the images, with the time it was given my camera found some of the first visible stars – a bonus find. Here’s one of the finished shots:

ReflectionLike the trees reflecting on the water, the time required to get the shot became another opportunity to reflect on the day, the last week, and life in general.

But most importantly, with the time I was given I found the perfect amount of peace at the end of another day.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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