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November is traditionally a time to recall our blessings. Sure, gratitude is not an end-of-the-year-only proposition, but Thanksgiving helps us remember those blessings a little more often than we might have the rest of the year.

Turkey day started out as it often does, with a Thanksgiving morning drive. If you’ve read previous years’ posts you’ll recall the morning ride was one of our family traditions. I remember one particular morning ride made long ago when a few inches of snow had already blanketed the west hills. We saw a nice 4×4 buck that morning, a survivor of the hunting season with the challenge of the winter ahead of him.

After returning home from watching this morning’s sunrise, next up were final preparations for the day, followed by a short drive to join with family where we would enjoy their company and the bounty of a wonderful meal. Each day is a gift, but days such as today are a treasure.

The clock has struck midnight and it’s the day after Thanksgiving now – time to move on, so to speak. Because I was slothful after last Christmas I put away only a portion of the outdoor decorations. The gutter lights remained – they’re harder to remove after all. We’ll bring out the rest of the lights in the coming days, but the timers are in place and the inaugural lighting of Christmas 2014 has occurred.

Sitting at the computer now, I’ve visited the picture archives again and I found a shot from last year. I’ve decided to share it in this post tonight because it’s fitting for the season at hand.

Last December was the first time I had visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City while it was decorated for Christmas. We started the visit with a trip to the observation floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to watch as the lights turned on at sunset, then we braved the cold to walk around Temple Square for an up-close view.

It was easy to focus on the Temple and the bright lights on the trees, and I’ll be honest – I didn’t really look closely at the reflecting pool while making this picture. Click on the image for a larger version:

ReflectingI’m sure I was more concerned about making the picture than seeing everything in the frame, but tonight while I was finishing the picture I noticed the statue in the pool.

May we all enjoy the brightness of the season while keeping our focus on the Savior – our Fathers’ gift to us – whose birth we celebrate this time of year.

Merry Christmas!

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