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Every so often it’s necessary to recharge my batteries. Tonight I had a chance to do that and I chose some of the most out of way real estate that the valley has to offer. It’s a place so far from the beaten path that I encountered only one other vehicle the whole time I was there.

I stopped a few times on the way to photograph some of the West Hills deer herd, including this little buck who was working his way through the fields. He’s probably heading towards the river for some water and a spot to bed down for the night:

BuckHe survived the archery hunt but he has a bigger test coming up in a few weeks. Hopefully he’ll be lucky enough to see another year and earn a few more points for his trouble.

My next stop provided a view of Cutler Canyon with Cutler Reservoir stretching off into the distance. Once I had the camera set and was ready to shoot I realized how quiet it was. Except for the occasional moo of the cows on the hill above me and the lonesome sound of a distant train whistle it was deathly quiet. A quiet that I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. It was wonderful. The view from that spot:

Cutler CanyonThe setting sun provided the color in the distance and a bit of it is reflected in the water of Cutler Reservoir. A couple of boats were slowly making their way out of the canyon heading towards the boat launch. As close as they were there was still no sound – almost as if the air around me was absorbing any hint of a sound wave.

I stayed on the hill long enough to watch the moon rise. It was big and beautiful, and still almost full. After it cleared the top of the Bear River Range I packed up and quickly headed down the hill to take advantage of the light of the moon as it reflected on the water of Cutler Reservoir:

Harvest Moon ReflectedThis spot is at the bridge over Cutler Reservoir and just around the bend from Cache Junction. Courtesy some sparse traffic on the state road that crosses this bridge Ithe peace and quiet I had enjoyed on the hill had become a memory, but the scene playing out on the water kept my attention there.

All good things must come to an end. Tomorrow we’ll be up before the sun to get everyone out the door and I’ll end up in the big city for another day, looking forward to the next time I can pause and enjoy a moment of quiet such as this.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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