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There’s a spot in a hallway where several pictures I have made are hanging. I guess you’d say it’s my gallery. I stopped in front of one of those pictures tonight and stepped back in time.

I revisited the circumstances of how I came to be where that picture was made. I thought about the several other pictures that I made at that same place that day. I remembered that the picture on the wall had come out of my computer and into print form after much effort and thought.

Then I remembered the blog post I wrote that details the event, and I looked it up in the archives. I was a little surprised to see that the version of the picture in the post is not the same as the print hanging on the wall. Comparing the two images I have decided that this one bests represents my memory of that morning:

OverhaulinIf you have visited the original blog post via the link above you’ll see that I took some liberties, to say the least, with this file – in both versions, I admit – but more so with this one, the version that hangs on my wall.

In my defense, let me quote part of that original post:

“There is plenty of smoke from the still smoldering materials, but not much active flame. The effort of pulling down the walls and roof to get at the areas where heat remains; the smell of the smoke from the smoldering contents – straw and wood – that stays with you for hours, if not longer; the charred wood and debris all around that you kick to the side to make sure you have a good footing.”

That’s the way I described the job we caught that morning, and it applies to any incident where we have overhauled the structure to make sure the fire was out.

Even though this picture is not the straight out of camera version – or even the modestly finished version from the original blog post – this version reminds of the the way it felt to be there that morning. I hope you can get a little taste of what it is to be a firefighter by looking at it.

Responding lights and siren in a big red truck, though… That is a thrill, to be sure, but I haven’t figured out how to recreate that feeling for you via a picture – yet.

Greg Fabricius Photography

Click on the image for a larger version. If you want to share I’m okay with that if it is for personal use and only online – please attribute appropriately, of course. Selected prints are available via this link.

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