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Another milestone for 2016 is about to pass – three of its four quarters have expired.

I planned to get out early this morning to make a sunrise picture of September 30, but it was not meant to be. Sticking with that theme, I found a shot from September 30 of another year to mark this ocassion. 

It was a cloudy morning at Tony Grove. The sun was trying to break through and the highest peaks in the area felt its warmth when the clouds parted from time to time. 

Looking north, the top of Mount Magog is visible in the distance. It’s one of those moments when the sunlight reached the peak, reflecting brightly on the cliffs. The Quakies midway into the scene are trying to match the color of the boulder in the foreground, and doing a decent job of it.

It’s a great memory, stored in pixels. Hopefully it sparks an enjoyable memory of your own.


Greg Fabricius Photography

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