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The method used to finish any picture can greatly add to the emotion attached to the final product, but I find that especially true with firefighting pictures.

It’s because firefighting is so much about emotion. Something is happening and you’re trying to manage the situation quickly and as safely as possible. Trying to capture the emotion of the response with a shot if just one moment can be difficult, ergo some finishing comes in handy.

This week I pulled out some shots from way back in the firefighting archives, to see if some new finishing techniques would help me display the emotions of the experiences the way I remember them.

Here’s one result using that watercolor technique I’ve been practicing:

VehicleEach viewer will judge how well I’ve done by the emotions they experience when viewing this shot, but it helps me remember the cold February afternoon years ago when I stopped to make some pictures of Logan’s bravest managing a vehicle fire.

Click on the image for a larger version, and enjoy!

Greg Fabricius Photography

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