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On the Hunt

Posted on | June 9, 2014 | No Comments

The rose bushes in the yard continue to bloom and the bees continue to visit the flowers in search of the bounty they offer. I’ve found it interesting to watch the bees as they buzz here and there around the bush, stopping at some of the blooms and quickly passing by others without so much as a noticeable glance.

At least it appears that way to me. 

I wonder what it is about some of the blooms that they so quickly dismiss them. Maybe it’s because they’ve already been harvested and it’s not worth stopping on those flowers?

One thing is for sure: when the bees are erratically moving to and fro it’s awfully difficult to forecast where to plan for the next shot.

Occasionally I get lucky and catch a bee hovering for a moment while moving to the next flower, such as this shot made when I was enjoying some quiet time with my camera while watching the bees:

On the Hunt

Greg Fabricius Photography

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