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Old Main

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Fall has not quite arrived in Cache Valley – by calendar date or by temperature – but another school year is underway in the elementary and secondary schools, followed by a return to classes at USU next Monday.

In honor of this return to the classroom I dug into my archives and pulled out a picture of a Cache Valley landmark since 1889 – USU’s Old Main Building. It’s been revamped and renovated over the years, including some necessary repairs due to a fire in the early 1980’s. Not only is it the landmark building for the University, it’s also the oldest academic structure still in use.

It’s highly visible from just about everywhere in the valley and that makes it the perfect visual indicator to proclaim the success of the University’s sports teams when the A turns blue after a winning effort. We’re hoping to see that often again this year…

To kick off the latest season of academic pursuits here’s Old Main in a picture I made in 2011:

OldMainIf you’d like to know more about USU’s historical buildings, including Old Main, here’s an online resource: USU’s Historical Buildings. Old Main is addressed in pages 3 and 4 of this document.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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