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Natural Fireworks

Posted on | July 5, 2014 | No Comments

Between the mixed-up schedule of summer and a holiday thrown in for good measure, it’s been busy lately. I’ve also been working to finish the last group of pictures from a recent wedding and haven’t been out very often to catch the sights of summer in new pictures.

I was able to go out tonight for sunset and just two blocks from where I started I made this shot of the sun setting behind Gunsite Peak, with a firework-like starburst for good measure.

The wheat fields all around town are beginning to turn from deep green to a shade of yellow. It won’t be too much longer before they turn to gold and are ready to harvest.

The colors of a rural Cache Valley summer are beautiful and at times like this, when the sunset colors start to pop, it’s a natural firework show. The great thing is that it happens every night, and each one has its own wonderful twist.

StarbustGreg Fabricius Photography

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