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I was in downtown Logan in the morning yesterday, and on my way back to the office I stopped for a moment to make this picture.

I arrived at the spot when the sun was about to clear the clouds, just in time to catch the light that was starting to filter through to the mountains in the background and to the trees near where I stood. Even though the sun was coming up behind the tower of Old Main the windows on the west side were glowing in the sunrise light. It was beautiful.

As I began the work of finishing the image I noticed the area of contrast at the center of the frame as compared to the mountains behind and the trees in the foreground, giving that area a slightly muted appearance.

Entirely fitting, given the circumstances.

OldMainAug27Greg Fabricius Photography

Click on the images for larger versions. If you want to share I’m okay with that if it is for personal use and only online – please attribute appropriately, of course. Selected prints are available via this link.

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