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Moonlight on the Ice

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Last Saturday night I went back to the reservoir for some night photography, hoping to catch a shot of the rocks frozen in the ice after dark (the rocks I posted on Facebook in a daytime shot). It was cloudy and dark and after guessing that a 12 minute exposure was a good starting point I waited as I watched the countdown timer, only to lose the picture during the saving to disc process. I was annoyed at losing the shot and the amount of time it represented, but I realized the rocks would likely be there to shoot another day.

The sky was clear and beautiful Monday morning. The building haze present on the more populated side of the valley muddied my vantage throughout the day, but once I turned my wheels towards the west and home the haze was much less noticeable.

Way after sunset I saw the sky was still clear so I headed out into the moonlit night to try the rock shot again. It wasn’t exactly what I envisioned because the warmer temperatures of Sunday and Monday allowed the rocks to sink lower into the ice. There was nothing I could do about it, though, so I setup and made some pictures.

Long exposure photography takes patience. Thanks to the moonlight I was able to reduce the exposure quite a bit, but I kept the automatic noise reduction active to help weed out some of the graininess that can plague long exposure shots. To make the picture and let the camera save the file took an average of 12 minutes per picture.

Once the camera is setup and the countdown timer is set all there is to do is lock the shutter open and wait. For the 50 or so minutes I was there, clicking and waiting, no vehicles drove by. I wasn’t surprised. Why on earth would anyone use that route so late? Except for a gentle breeze and the lonesome whistle of a freight train in the distance, it was extremely quiet.

Out in the middle of nowhere on a cool January night it was just me and my camera and the rocks with the moonlight reflecting off the ice. Sometimes being away from all the distractions the world has to offer is exactly what is needed.

Moonlight on the IceClick on the image for a larger version.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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