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In 2011 I upgraded my camera equipment and I took my passion for making pictures of the things I see to Facebook. I event went as far as calling myself a photographer. The Webster definition includes “one who practices photography”, so I guess that part applied even though I have been slowly working on the “as a business” part of the definition.

Over the past 2 years I’ve been able to learn and grow in the art. I’ve had two successful calendar projects and look forward to the next one. That emphasis means that a lot of the time my camera is pointed at the landscapes and landmarks that I pass in my travels, but I do so enjoy it when my shutter captures a moment in the lives of people.

Here is a picture from my first official photo session as an aspiring  photographer:

Alison01My brother and sister-in-law had all of their children together in one place and what better time to record some memories. This is my niece, Alison. When the group shots were done we moved on to some individual pictures, too. I don’t remember what our conversation was about, but the smile it produced makes the picture.

In a recent post I wrote about a short film I had seen, called Still Life. The main character questions life and relationships and his experiences lead him to the conclusion, that, “There are no happy endings in life, only happy moments, and I suppose you can count yourself lucky if the shutter happens to close on one of those moments”.

Since that day in the fall of 2011 when I made this picture I often look through my archives and see that I have been able to capture many happy moments. I do count myself lucky, especially since more and more of those happy moments include family and friends – old and new friends – not just scenery.

Maybe my shutter will close on one of your happy moments, too. I’d love to talk about how we can make that happen.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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