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A little bit of cloud cover and the light of about 1/2 of the moon drew me out of doors after dark tonight, to polish my long exposure skills. It was just before midnight so I didn’t go far from home. I know the same subject shows up in back to back posts, but it’s close by and so convenient.

When shutter speeds go from fractions of a second to minutes – in order to let in enough light – it’s interesting what can happen. Here’s the first attempt:

104Next, I moved a bit further down the block to include another barn in the scene. I also adjusted the settings and when you change one part of the exposure triangle you have to compensate by changing at least one other aspect.

The amount of time the shutter stayed open was the factor I chose to compensate for the change to the ISO, but I didn’t have a timer with me so I had to count down the old fashioned way. After 8 minutes here’s the shot:

527Now that I’ve pulled the images into the computer for straightening and finishing I found that something had snuck into that first shot and I didn’t even notice, it being so dark and all:

DeerSurprisingly, there’s no motion blur while the shutter was open so long. This deer must have stayed quite still for most of the time the shutter was open.

I can’t tell if its smiling though… I guess I should have prompted it to say cheese?


Greg Fabricius Photography

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