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Milky Way

Posted on | August 13, 2015 | No Comments

The Perseids Meteor shower is in full swing, peaking sometime in the wee hours before sunrise of the 13th. With a clear sky above, my daughter accompanied me to a spot north of town with the trusty old tripod in tow to have a go at a long exposure shot.

While we were visiting in between the opening and closing of the shutter we saw several meteors burn out in the atmosphere, but none were bright enough to show up in the frame.

It was a beautiful night with only the lights of civilization to contend with. As bright as those lights are, the Milky Way was still visible. With its arch rising out of the the Wellsvilles and sweeping northward across the night sky, it was an amazing display of heaven and earth.

The image for tonight’s post is a panorama merge of 7 frames stitched together to capture the scene in all it’s glory:

Milky Way

Greg Fabricius Photography

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