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One of my favorite times to be out with a camera is the first sunset after a storm.

I had been watching through the office window all afternoon and it was shaping up to be a mix of clouds and clear sky at the end of the work day. With a little luck I might find something to shoot on my trip across the valley when, thanks to the lengthening of the days, I would be on the road when the sun dipped behind the hills.

There was a quick stop to make after work and the rest of the drive home was for sightseeing.

I found myself on 2400 West as part of my route. In southern Cache Valley 2400 West is called “The Meridian Road”, and a bit of research explained that it lies on the Salt Lake Meridian, hence the name.

I haven’t heard that nickname used in reference to 2400 West on the north end of the valley, but, it’s still 2400 West and if the surveyors of the valley held true this road is along the same meridian.

I’ll never cease to be amazed at how easily I can lapse into tunnel vision and drive along without always noticing what is on either side of the road. I would hope that during a previous trip through this part of the valley I had seen the old silo and building a few yards from the road, but tonight when I saw them they didn’t register in my memory.

So I took advantage of the light traffic normal to a rural Cache Valley road and stopped to make some pictures. Here’s a shot of the scene:

MeridianThe light of the setting sun painted the building and the silo with amber hues, as well as the blanket of new snow covering the mountains in the east. Another beautiful evening at a spot that time has forgotten, which many passersby might overlook on the way to their destination, if they are like me…

Greg Fabricius Photography

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