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Mendon Barn

Posted on | November 7, 2014 | No Comments

I drove down the west side of the valley this morning to visit a landmark old barn that will be one of the backdrops for a photo shoot tomorrow. After making the pictures I wanted, I had plenty of time on the drive to the big city to imagine the history of this old barn.

While I have a pretty good imagination, this time I went to the interwebs to see if there was some official information available. I was pleased to find a directory of barns in Northern Utah, including a page about this one.  With all the old barn pictures I’ve made over the years I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t searched for such a reference before today…

See Barn #34 in the Cache County portion (page 36) of Historic Barns of Northern Utah for some background on this old barn, and please enjoy this picture, too:

November MorningClick on the image for a larger version.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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