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Late Winter Beauty

Posted on | February 28, 2013 | No Comments

I don’t know about you, but I’m itching for warmer weather. Any day now would be fine with me, but today was not that day. Patience is a virtue……

In my daily commute of late I have noticed that there are others in Cache Valley who may be anxious for spring, too. Namely the Canadian Geese who are returning to their nesting grounds. Except for a few areas of open water here and there our rivers and reservoirs are still iced over making it a difficult time for them, I imagine.

This morning I was able to make this picture of a gaggle of geese as they enjoyed one of those areas of open water at the Benson Marina Recreation area:

OpenWaterGeeseThere were 5 geese in this group and my encroachment on their position prompted a few of them to leave the ice and swim away. The two that remained on the ice watched me closely and then the warning honks began:

OpenWaterGeese02It wasn’t long until I had worried them enough that they took flight toward a safer spot. I turned to walk to my car and saw a beautiful post-sunrise scene. This was taken while looking towards Logan and the Bear River Range across the frozen waters of the Benson Marina southeast of the bridge:

MarinaSunriseFeb28I continued east on the Marina Road towards Beautiful Downtown Benson. I’ve driven this area often in search of pictures and have hoped I’d be there at the right time to make a picture of a specific old barn. I love old barns, by the way. Today the lighting and the sky and the frost in a nearby tree were just what I had been looking for:MarinaRoadBarnIt may be past its prime functionally, but today its faded boards and snow covered roof under the blue sky was a scene worth recording.

All things considered it was a great morning commute. The only down side would might be the addition of several new photos that I will have to sort through for the 2014 calendar project. I’ll manage, I think….. As long as it does eventually warm up.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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