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Last Day

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We experience many “lasts” as we wind our way through life. Hopefully they are anticipated more than feared, but on they come.

Today is December 31, 2013: the last day of the year. I took a turn west of town to document this last morning of 2013 and here are a few pictures.

Clouds in the east muted the sunrise today, but the slightest bit of color appeared to the north of Gunsight Peak:

SteigerA stand of pines creates a band of color between the snow covered fields and a cloud-filled sky:

TreesLastDayPassing through town on my way to the big city a bit of color appeared in the sky again so I stopped to make this winter scene of a landmark barn and home:

BarnEven though our minds will tell us that tomorrow is the grand start of something brand new, it’s just another day isn’t it?

I guess that depends on what we make of it.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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