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In previous posts I’ve talked about locations in the valley where you can stand and soak up the stillness, the quiet.

Places so remote they are void of the signs of modern civilization, only visible are the fields and hills that you passed by to get there.

Places where you can imagine you are the only person within miles – and it would be true.

Very late at night you visit one of those spots to see how the waxing moon filtered by clouds will light the scene. Even though it’s still quite dark where you stand, the lights of civilization from the other side of the hill hit the bottom of the clouds, fanning out looking for a way through.

Standing in a place very few people pass by, looking at a backdrop of light worthy of Hollywood, you realize you’re not as far removed as you thought. But it’s pretty so you take a picture:

Bright Lights(Click on the image for a larger version)

Greg Fabricius Photography

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