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In the Dark

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The long winter nights with no moon have been a testing ground of long exposure imagery for photographers near and far. I’ve been reading up on the techniques and tricks of night-time photography as well as enjoying the results of others as they post their work to social media.

With the freedom from the daily schedule that a Friday evening offers, tonight I jumped into the fray – so to speak.

The conditions weren’t the best. The clouds that accompanied today’s chance of snow had lingered into the evening hours, effectively hiding more of the stars than I’d hoped they would. I ventured out anyway and I chose a nearby favorite spot at the reservoir north of town to see what I could make of the opportunity.

Here’s the resulting image of a local landmark at night:

Reservoir at NightEven though the clouds hid all but a few of the available stars, they did provide a reflector for the lights of Nucor Steel in Plymouth as well as the lights of Clarkston at the foot of Gunsight Peak.

A pretty scene that almost resembles the Northern Lights, right here in Cache Valley.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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