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In The Beginning….

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While looking through some old stuff I came across some photos that I had taken back in 1983 or 1984. These were assignment photos for my high school photography class. I had used point and shoot film cameras before, but this was the first time I had used a camera that allowed the user to adjust settings beyond turning the flash on or off.

The camera was my dad’s camera. It was the camera he used when he was in Korea during the war and then in Denmark on an LDS Mission. I am not sure of the exact model but I think it was a Kodak Retina Reflex, similar to this one:

retinareflexThe case was attached with a screw-in connector just like this model, and it had a button down lens cover to protect the glass when not in use. It was a great camera and served me well during that class.

Since then I have used a variety of film cameras and then I moved into the digital age. It’s been fun to remember the stops along the road that brought me to where I am photographically.

Back to the pictures I found. Because it was my dad’s camera I’ll post a scanned picture of him that I took with it. I don’t remember what we were trying to capture in this particular assignment, but I posed my dad with a shovel in the pasture:

DadShovelThat was a very ordinary pose for dad. We had an expansive garden growing up and we were taught the ins and outs of that tool while we were young. Some great memories come to mind from my younger years where summers were spent tending the garden. Once again photography is helping me connect to the past – my past.

As you know by the dates mentioned above this was back in the olden days when cameras shot film. I remember adjusting the f stop and shutter speed settings to match the lighting conditions and with great anticipation processing the film at the school’s lab and only then knowing the outcome.

Oh, the patience that required! For me, the instant gratification of seeing the image displayed on the LCD screen of my camera is one of my favorite advances in technology. I don’t want you to think that learning how to process the film and expose the image onto photo paper was not fun. I did enjoy it, but I also enjoy the ability to move one stop either way or adjust the shutter speed white still on-site if I didn’t set it right the first time.

The problem: Relying too much on the technology instead of learning how to get it right the first time. Then it becomes a crutch. I’d like to think I am winning in that aspect, because I can accomplish the shot now in less frames than I could even a year ago. As long as that trend continues…… If it doesn’t I’ll have to dig out a film SLR and practice some patience.

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