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A while back I decided that I needed an updated profile picture. Something that could capture “me”, if there was a way to do that, at all. I’m working on my photography website and I have several social media presences and I finally settled on an idea. Here is an attempt to create what I saw in my mind:


I’ll call it “Helmet” for lack of a better title. I posted it to the profiles of my social media sites and it will become the image I use on my bio page, when I get ready to upload that part of my site.

I’ve had a change in helmets during my years on the fire department. The red helmet of a line firefighter served me well for many years, responding to calls and helping with the training program as the training officer for the department. Eventually it would be replaced with the blue helmet our department uses to identify an Assistant Chief. No matter what its color is, the helmet is arguably the most recognizable part of a firefighter’s equipment. It goes with us on our responses to protect, to identify, but it can also represent more.

I have wanted to post some thoughts about this picture here, but it’s been hard to explain in words what the photo means to me. I’ve taken some time to reflect on the 20 plus years since I joined the volunteer fire department in my home town. I started out with the goal of being a full-time firefighter, but after enduring a few years of the very competitive hiring processes – coming close a couple of times but not quite making it – I pursued other career paths.

I was hooked, though. I continued to respond with my volunteer department and looking back over these years of serving the community it has been a very rewarding experience. So many wonderful memories! And, though I’m older now, and not as limber as I used to be I still find satisfaction in trying to help the community and in the camaraderie of those I serve with.

I have not been as busy as a career firefighter would have been during these years, but I’m okay with that because I feel that I have been able to help in my little corner of the fire service. And I’ve had some great experiences and forged some great relationships. What more could I have hoped for…

Greg Fabricius Photography

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