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Go West, Life is Peaceful There

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Sometimes a 2 block deviation from the highway and a few minutes of quiet go a long way when the rest of the day brings unexpected turns. This morning I was able to enjoy such a diversion before embarking on what would become a worrisome day in the big city.

When the bus drove away with our children I could see the sky had potential. By then it was too late to catch the moon before it set so I held off making some pictures until I was ready for the trip to town. The sunrise show was in full swing when I arrived at my favorite spot on the north side of Cutler Reservoir. Most mornings the parking lot and boat access are deserted and except for the click of the shutter and the sounds of waterfowl it is very quiet when the sun rises.

Looking south across the reservoir and beyond Cache Junction this morning the peaks of the Wellsville’s were painted pink underneath the clouds:

CJandWellsvillesAt the same time the sky in the east was glowing as the sun prepared to rise:

6200NorthSunriseWhen I had the shots I wanted I stayed for several minutes just to watch the brighter color spread across the sky. After packing up I pulled onto the road that leads to the highway to find a pair of geese standing in a shallow spot nearby. I stopped to see if I could get a picture without scaring them off, but they were more concerned with their morning preening and they posed nicely before swimming off to deeper water:

PairA short time later I was in the middle of a busy day with many unexpected twists and turns. I was grateful for the time I had spent just a couple of blocks off a West Cache Valley version of the beaten path. Now that I have pulled the pictures from my camera I am enjoying the remembrance of the moment again. I borrowed a line from an old tune for the title of this post, but yes, life is peaceful there… I’m glad I’m out west every day.

Greg Fabricius Photography

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