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From first light it was evident that Cache Valley would be shrouded by the impenetrable fog of a January inversion. Ugh!

Even more depressing was the realization that just a short distance away in the next valley, as announced by a coworker who had enjoyed an out of office trip, a blue sky and warmer temperatures rewarded those who were able to be there.

As the day wore on into the afternoon the frustration of the situation set in and I questioned why I would live in such a place – a question echoed by my office companions.

With nothing left for the day but the drive home, I got in my car and followed the winding roads through the middle of the valley. At a turn in the road I looked towards the frozen backwater of the Bear River and I caught a glimpse of an unexpectedly beautiful winter scene as I motored past.

I stopped at a convenient spot and walked toward the water’s edge to make this picture:

FrozenGranted, it was still a cold and foggy scene but a quick, hopeful glance allowed me to see the landscape in a way I did not expect. And that is the lesson of this day.


Greg Fabricius Photography

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