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From the North

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Taking advantage of every minute of the weekend, I’m up late in front of the computer looking at some image files from this morning. I have put together a panorama merge of 5 frames taken at a high spot along the edge of the state road that connects our little town to the big cities on the east side of the valley.

The finished image has the Wellsville’s in the background, Black Rock in the mid-range and the open space south of town in the foreground – complete with a freight train making its way towards Wheelon Canyon.

I get to see the Wellsville’s from many different angles when I travel the width of the valley to work and back. Looking at the Wellsville’s from northwest Cache County offers a view that many in Cache Valley are not familiar with, but that’s just the beginning of the differences I see in this picture.

Take the train for instance. Occasionally a freight train will make its way along 600 West in Logan, but you’d never know if you aren’t in the vicinity. Not so in our little town. Multiple times a day at all hours, you can hear (if not feel) the rumbling of the wheels on the rails and the lonesome whistle sounding at every intersection with a road. It’s our version of traffic noise, I guess.

The differences between east and west Cache Valley are many, and most days I’m grateful to experience both sides, but this weekend I’m planning to enjoy this slower paced, quieter view of Cache Valley.

Well, it will be quieter when the trains aren’t rolling by…

From the North(Click on the image for a larger version)

Greg Fabricius Photography

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