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Four and Twenty

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Irrigation ponds close to town have been filling up for some time now, and the water makes them hot spots for wildlife activity. From birds of all sizes to frogs and other water loving creatures, the ecosystem of such a pond is diverse.

I was away from town later than usual tonight and I stopped at a couple of these ponds on my way home to put the sneak on the blackbirds that have flocked to these oases. I was able to get closer to my quarry than I expected, and while concerned at my presence the birds didn’t disappear as wild creatures usually do when I am near.

I am always amazed at the ability to balance displayed by these birds. Tonight was no exception as they performed their acrobatics to stay atop the flimsy reeds they use as perches:

BlackbirdWhether it was balancing between two reeds as above or on the same stalk, it was no different to them than a perch in the branches of a tree or on the ground:

BlackbirdIf only it were this easy for me to stay in perfect balance no matter the sturdiness of the situation!

Greg Fabricius Photography

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