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Four and Twenty

Posted on | April 12, 2015 | No Comments

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Its spring and the birds are back! I’ve been anxious to get out with my new lens to make some pictures of blackbirds, so I visited Cutler Reservoir at sunset.

I am amazed at how the redwing and yellow headed blackbirds can balance on such flimsy perches:

RedwingI also wonder why there were none of the yellow headed variety in this spot, while in other places I’ve seen the two near each other. A puzzle…

As for the lens, it’s not the 500mm I’ve wished for (I can dream), but it will be fun to test in a variety of situations and I do love the depth of field it provides. For example, these cattails closer to the road stand out against the blurred reeds further away:

CattailMore to come as I get back to making pictures!

Greg Fabricius Photography

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