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Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire – literally…

That very tactic was employed last night on a fire burning in the mountains of southeast Cache Valley, and by chance I happened to be there to witness it. Going on 23 years in the fire service I have seen and done many things but this was the first time I have seen a firing operation up close and personal. It was quite an experience. And I made some pictures, too.

When we arrived the firing operation was well underway. Except for the brilliant glow of the fire and the red emergency lights of the support vehicles it was pitch black. As the firing crew moved along the edge of the road, the fingers of fire they had ignited would race up the hill toward the main body of fire. It was quite the experience and I’ve been working on the pictures in an attempt to share with you, the viewer, a visual representation of what this experience was like.

I captured some dramatic shots. After finishing a few and sharing them via other media outlets, this is the picture I chose for this post:

FiringIt’s not a dramatic scene where the entire hillside is ablaze after the firing crew has passed by, but only a suggestion of what is to come. This way you can complete the scene yourself. And that is the beauty of a picture – you get to share in the experience on your own terms, with your own imagination.

Go ahead and imagine what the next frames would look like… I bet the end result created in your mind is amazing!

Greg Fabricius Photography

Click on the image for a larger version. If you use this image please attribute this blog as the source, and if you want a print – contact me.

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