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Falling Down

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In my introductory post from our recent trip to the wilds of northwest Wyoming I noted it was a trip with many firsts. Number 1 on that list of firsts was seeing Yellowstone under snow.

Varying from a skiff by Old Faithful to several inches on the east side of the loop, the snow added to the beauty of the park. It had been significant enough snowfall that a key section of the road had been closed due to the weather, but thankfully it reopened the day before we would need to use it.

Just after our encounter with the red fox described in a previous post, we cautiously navigated the slick walkway to Grandview Point on the north rim. The distance down the sheer slopes to the river below is unnerving to my fear of heights, but compelling at the same time.

On this particular day this was the scene from Grandview Point:

Our next stop was Artist’s Point on the south rim, another first on this trip as I’ve never seen the falls and river from this spot. The pine trees on the north slope are barely visible from this location, showcasing the steep canyon walls where the river slices through.

After viewing the falls and canyon from this side of the river I’m glad we took the time for this first. Artist’s Point, South rim, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone:

Greg Fabricius Photography

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