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Recently Cutler Reservoir was lowered to a level I haven’t seen in many a year. Repairs to the dam are underway and it was necessary to lower the water level to make those repairs.

Between Newton and Cache Junction it is very evident that the reservoir has been drained as the area usually underwater is now exposed and is slowly drying up. Without the expansive surface of the water to reflect things I haven’t considered shooting a sunrise at that spot, or much of anything else, either.

Today I used a different route to the big city and I ended up at the Benson Marina. As I’ve driven through other areas that cross the backwater of Cutler Reservoir they look similar to what I see at Cache Junction. I wasn’t expecting there would be much water at the Marina, but I was wrong. There was more than enough to reflect the colors of the sunrise as well as the Wellsville’s.

Here’s a panorama shot of what I saw. It’s quite wide, please click on the image to open it at a larger resolution:

Marina PanoramaGreg Fabricius Photography

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